What information do we collect from you?

Taalla.com operates with the bare minimum amount of customer information possible to operate and maintain the service. The customer/user specific information Taalla.com collects are:
- Your team requires a name, we encourage the users to use nicknames to avoid logical connections. Please do not use your name as the team name.
- You need to provide a name for each tag to be positioned, please use nicknames and avoid using real names.
- We collect the position data of each tag.
- We use cookies to store session data
- In some sites, we collect telephone numbers

Why do we collect this information?

- We collect team name and user names because they are the identifying keys to show only your data and positions to your team.  Again, please use nicknames.
- The position data is collected because this is a positioning system.
- Cookies store only session data so that the user does not need to log in every time. We do not track the user via cookies.
- In some sites you may need to provide a telephone number. This telephone number is only used to contact you in the case your tags are not returned.  


Who do we share your information with?

- We do not share your information with any other party. 


How long do we keep hold of your information?

- All information specified above are removed when all your teams tags have been returned. 
- We keep hold of position data for only two hours. All position data older than two hours is automatically deleted.


How can I access the information you hold on me?

- Please contact support@taalla.com if you have any need to see what information taalla.com is holding of you.


Who can I complain to?

- Please contact support@taalla.com if you have any reason to complain about our privacy or GDPR-issues.